More Build receives CHAS approval for 10th year running

1 October 2014

This morning we received notification that our 10th annual CHAS assessment had been reviewed and approved.

CHAS is a national accreditation body for Health & Safety compliance by construction companies. CHAS assessments are extremely rigorous and not only did we pass with flying colours but the assessor made the following comment about the quality of our latest annual submission,

'I have completed my assessment / review and have to say that I found this application to be one of the best I have seen for some time.'

Everyone at Passmore Groupis delighted with this morning’s news, including Managing Director, Tony Passmore, who commented,

“The assessment results and additional comments are a glimpse of the hard work everyone contributes day in day out. Our company mission statement,To be the better than the rest in everything we do - better in how we operate, communicate, deliver and perform, communicates our ambition in succeeding within such a competitive market – we aim to stand out and for all the right reasons. That said however, with Health & Safety there are always improvements to be made, so we will not be sitting back on our laurels.”

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