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Bathrooms & Shower Rooms

As part of our adaptations & alterations service, our sister company, More Ability, specialises in providing stylish, safe and practical bath and shower solutions for the retired, elderly and disabled.

With over fifty years’ experience, our bespoke bathroom solutions are all about making everyday life easier and safer so that your loved ones can maintain their independence and dignity, whilst never compromising on style.

Our easy-access solutions include walk-in baths, walk-in showers, wet floor showers and complete wet rooms, so you can bathe in safety and comfort. We offer a fully managed design, supply and installation service ensuring that your easy access bathroom is delivered on time and on budget.

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Access Ramps

If you have mobility issues, access ramps can make a big difference to your ability to get in and out of your property safely, easily and independently, eliminating the steps to your front or back door, or from your gate or driveway to your home.

More Build's range of access ramps are constructed on site to ensure that they never have a slope gradient steeper than 1 in 12.

Our ramps can also be provided with fitted handrails, making them safe to use at all times.

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Door Widening

We can widen doorways and can alter the doors themselves so that they open in or out depending on which is most practical for ease of access.

More Build provide a range of small and neat modular ramp systems, enabling wheelchair users to overcome any small steps or thresholds you may have around your home.

As construction specialists, we can also block up existing doorways and create new doorways in a more convenient location.

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Room Conversions

Whilst it's reassuring to move your loved one into your home for mutual peace of mind, we appreciate the importance of rethinking your living space so that they can maintain their independence and dignity in a safe and practical environment.

Once climbing the stairs becomes a challenge, many people opt for a room conversion, transforming a downstairs room to a bedroom, bathroom or 'granny annex'. This type of conversion may or may not add to the resale value of your home, and our expert surveyors will offer further advice and guidance according to your specific requirements and plans.

Although not necessarily adding more space to your home, the feeling of additional space can certainly be achieved through clever design and thoughtful use of storage space. Our specialist team will be at your side throughout your project to ensure that the choices you make today will serve your extended family well tomorrow.

Our complete end-to-end service will give you peace of mind at each stage of your conversion project, from the planning phase through to the plumbing and electrical works, joinery, plastering and finishing touches.

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Lift Apertures

Depending on the nature of your mobility issues, we can design, supply and install vertical lifts and through-floor lifts that will enable you or a loved one to move from one floor to another in your home, safely and with ease.

Although some lifts are designed to carry a seated or standing passenger, most home lifts are now designed for wheelchair users, allowing the user to navigate your home without the need to transfer out of their wheelchair and onto, for example, a stair lift.

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As part of your wider adaptations & alterations project, More Build also provide bespoke kitchen solutions for the retired, elderly and disabled. Our aim is to make daily life in your kitchen easier, to facilitate independent living and ease of use by making the best of the space you already have in your home. Taking out internal walls to open up your space, or restructuring your layout is a great way to open up your room and make it more practical.

There may be a number of reasons why the time has come to adapt your kitchen:

  • Cognitive conditions such as Alzheimer's or dementia may mean that a less cluttered environment is now needed
  • Reduced mobility - perhaps additional handrails are now necessary to facilitate movement around your kitchen or to hang walking sticks or crutches safely, and within easy reach. For wheelchair users, the heigh of work surfaces and kitchen units is key. More Build can install fixed height or adjustable height units. A number of our kitchen units are adjustable.
  • Reduced grip - It's the little things, such as handles, the style of your kitchen doors and the positioning of your work surfaces in relation to the hob that make all the difference if you find that your ability to grip is weaker than it once was
  • Visual impairment - When it comes to fixtures and fittings, use of colours, textures and lighting can all make a significant difference to a person with poor eyesight.
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When it comes to home adaptations and alterations, there are Government endorsed HMRC VAT exempt schemes available.

Visit our 0% vat page to find out whether you could benefit from these schemes.

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