Ground Works

Our team of fully qualified and accredited builders have all of the skills and experience necessary to prepare and set the foundations for your building project.

Our services include the installation of of trench-fill foundations and strip foundations and accessing foundation depth, martials and earthling.

We also offer concreting services and drainage solutions, ensuring that all preparatory work fully meets the expected standards for a building control inspection.

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Fencing, Gates & Decking

More Build can provide fencing timber, posts, fencing rails and trellis panels, offering a flexible fencing solution that will instantly improve the appearance of your garden and the boundaries between your garden and your neighbours' property or the roadside.

Your gate gives an important and lasting first impression to all who visit your home and can also give an instant sense of safety and security. Depending on your preferred design, your gates also provide a degree of privacy, meaning that you can enjoy your garden space more freely, without being overlooked.

More Build can provide a variety of garden gate styles to suit your taste and reflect the personality and period of your home. A huge range of options is available, from steel gates to timber gates, in a range of designs including arched gates, domed gates, panel and palisade gates. For added convenience and style, we can also install electric gates.

Prior to installation, our gates are pressure treated to prevent wood rot and insect attack, ensuring that they look their best for as long as possible.

Our range of high quality decking is completely flexible, offering you a wide range of colours, styles and treatments.

Whether boarded or tiled, patio decking is an ideal solution for keeping your garden area looking immaculate at all times with minimal effort.

With flat decking or raised decking available to suit the landscape and layout of your garden, all of our decking is treated prior to installation to guarantee a long lasting finish.

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Roofing, Fascias & Soffits

Fascias are the long, straight boards that run along the lower edge of the roof. Fixed directly to your roof truss, they do the important job of supporting the bottom row of roof tiles, carrying all of your guttering, which may need to cope with several gallons of water per second in a heavy downpour.

Soffits, tucked away under your fascias, are the boarding strips that can be seen from street level and typically allow for ventilation in your roof. This is particularly important, as without this ventilation, condensation can form in your roof's structure, resulting in timber decay, weakening your roof.

In order to protect your roof, it is essential that your fascias and soffits are in good condition. More Build can replace your fascias and soffits as part of a larger building project.

More Build's team of fully accredited builders can repair, or if necessary, replace your roof, carrying out lead work, slating and tiling to the highest standard. We can also surface flat roofs if these form part of your new extension or resurface your existing flat roof as part of a wider home improvement project.

Our specialist team can also repair or replace your chimney as part of your building project.

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Driveways & Block Paving

As part of a wider extension or landscaping project, More Build can offer driveway complete resurfacing and block paving services to help you achieve the garden of your dreams.

Whether your patios, paths and driveways are narrow, wide, straight or curved, choose from a range of effects and surfaces including blocks, flags, cobble or gravel, to design your paths and driveway in keeping with the style of your home and garden.

If you're planning a renovation project for your home, it couldn't be a better time to improve your outdoor area.

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Doors & Windows

With a wide range of styles to choose from and our fully accredited team on hand ready to manage installation, you can have complete confidence that your new windows and doors will be fitted safely securely, with minimal disruption and that your building works will always meet with current regulations.

External doors
More Build offer the following types of external door and our designers will be on hand to talk you through the best option for you:

French doors Softwood doors PVC doorsOak veneer doorsComposite doors

More Build also offer a variety of window solutions, designed to be safe, secure and to make the most of the natural light in your home.

We offer the following windows, and as for all elements of your project, our designers and surveyors can provide guidance around the best option to complement your home improvements.

  • Composite windows
  • Art deco windows
  • Energy efficient windows
  • Sun pipes
  • Roof lights and skylights

Internal doors
Internal doors are traditionally made from solid wood, in a range of different styles and timbers and finished in different ways. The most common are panel, flush and pressed.

Panel doors are the traditional choice and are usually made from soft or hard wood. They vary widely in terms of number and style of panel, and often include intricately carved details, which may suit period homes.

Flush types suit more contemporary homes. They are made up of a softwood frame covered with plywood or hardboard with a hollow centre and finished with hardwood edging or wood veneers.

Pressed doors are a cheaper alternative to panelled doors but mimic their look and are produced in a similar way to flush doors. They’re made from softwood or a manmade board, and are embossed to give the effect of a panelled door.

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