Mr & Mrs Fox, Morley, Leeds - extensive external alterations

30 July 2015


Mr & Mrs Fox had a tired garden that, as a result of poor initial groundworks, required completely digging up, re-turfing and re flagging.

Due to the poor foundations Mr & Mrs Fox had in some respects, lost the will to live with the existing garden as a result of no matter how hard they tried it never looked any better. The shrubbery and planation was overgrown, mostly intertwined with the existing fencing causing it to lift and rot. The flagging on the patio area was also raised and uneven due to growth underneath the groundworks and also covered in moss as a result of the living plantation.

The actual garden area was also very small as the space was mostly occupied by stone and flagging. Mr & Mrs Fox wanted a more 50/50 split between flagging and garden as a result of a young new addition to their family.


More Build surveyor Lee Billington listened to Mr & Mrs Fox’s problems and requests proposing a garden ‘face lift’. The layout of the garden space was to remain the same with extra square footage being given to the grass area. What Lee proposed was that the job be completely re-done as it should have been done in the first place which included:

  • Take down and rebuild the existing garden wall
  • Take up all low-level flagging, level foundations removing any plantation before relaying new flags
  • Remove all patio flagging, prepare compacted bed removing any plantation before relaying new flags
  • Provide and lay turf for the garden area checking for adequate drainage systems and replacing where necessary
  • Cut back the shrubs, foliage and plantation to expose the existing fencing, remove and dispose of rotten wood work where required and prepare area to install new


Mr & Mrs Fox were elated with the finished project – a garden, that as a family, they could enjoy. Within 2 weeks the entire space had been completely transformed to a now open, clean and presentable garden with extra care being given to the groundworks and underlying foundations to ensure the previous problems do not arise again. The new space was now split in 3 key areas at the request of the family:

  • 1.A large garden area where they could relax and entertain their young family
  • 2.A large patio area could sit and enjoy on the warm summer evenings
  • 3.A separate low-level BBQ area that was purpose built to remain out of the wind for them sizzling Saturday gatherings

what mr & mrs fox said about more build:

“Thank you for a very quick, very pleasant transformation of our garden just in time for summer. We have now been blessed with a multi-purpose garden, that as a family, we can enjoy time and time again. All the lads worked tirelessly to deliver the job in the proposed time scale and they did so in a very clean and efficient manner – we are extremely satisfied and could not be happier.”