mr gray, stanningley, pudsey, west yorkshire - a safe & practical 4 piece suite

30 July 2015


Mr Gray had a large, fully tiled, existing 4 piece bathroom suite comprising of a corner bath, low level shower enclosure, vanity basin and closed couple WC with vinyl tiled flooring.

A number of years previous Mr Gray had swapped his original shower enclosure to low level shower enclosure as he had started having difficultly managing the step in and out of the shower - the bath remained in situ as his wife was still of good health enabling her the ability to get in and out of the bath.

Fast forward another couple of years and Mr Gray’s mobility had decreased further meaning the low level shower enclosures that was installed previous was no longer adequate. Furthermore the vanity basin and close coupled toilet were also emerging issues with regards to being able to get on and off the toilet and bend over to use the sink.


In order to provide Mr (and Mrs) Gray a safe and practical future proofed solution we needed to understand the deterioration rate of their condition, to allow us to not only provide them with a solution for now but also a solution for years to come.

Not only was this a big factor with regards to what solutions we could present to them we also needed to understand what they personally wanted, both rationally and emotionally. It soon emerged that a 4 piece suite was essential, Mr Gray was focused on a shower solution whereby Mrs Gray still enjoyed a relaxing soak, both to be accompanied with adequate adaptations made to the remaining sanitary wear to make it them safe and easy to use. With such a universal knowledge exchange More Ability (More Build specialist bathroom solution division)surveyor, designer and adaptations specialist Dave White began designing the couple a safe and practical haven which fully incorporated what they wanted & what they needed.


The end result was a fully functioning 4 piece bathroom conversion now consisting a Safe & Practical Wet Floor Shower solution for Mr Gray, corner Bath with limited adaptations for Mrs Gray, a self-cleansing and drying Closomat toilet and easy access wall mounted basin, which if necessary could be used seated. The entire room was sealed with slip resistant / water resistant vinyl flooring with the walls fully tiled with large black ‘slab’ tiles. The future proof solution, which was received with great gratitude, was striking but most important safe for today, tomorrow and days to come. 

what mr gray said about more ability:

“The work was installed by Craig Harwood - a very hard working and pleasant young man.”